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Audiomica Laboratory boasts six lines of cables designed for audio-video purposes, ranging from low-end through hi-fi to high-end. All of our products are repeatedly tested and well reviewed getting numerous rewards and awards (such as „Product of the Year”, „Best Buy”, „Editor Choice”), what proves their premium worksmanship as well as the top-notch sound quality which will complement a good high end audio system.

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Every single process of creation begins with an idea. The cornerstone of this creative process is a desire to evolve our technology and understanding. Not only of improving cable design, but also how the human mind interprets the reproduction of music and into research and development that can bring us closer to that live performance with our products. This in turn makes us receptive to the suggestions of our Employees, Family, indirect clients and target customers. The experience gained through research into numerous innovative projects and ideas have lead us to discover that things very often evolve into totally new products, production techniques or upgrades for already existing ones. With over fifteen years of experience in HI-FI cable design and manufacturing, we have undeniably learned that there is always room for change through evolution, improvement and the already mentioned creative process.

We invest heavily in new solutions, research, and employee training. We trust that our products will enrich your enjoyment of music with what we hope you will be a ground-breaking and unparalleled musical experience. The cables we design and manufacture are dedicated for audiophiles and music lovers for whom sound is not only to be heard, but seen and felt.

We believe our cables represent an excellent option for people who cannot afford or do not wish to spend large sums of money on expensive wires, yet still need excellent sound quality, reliability and pride of ownership.

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