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Have Multiple Close Locations on Google Maps?

Group Multiple Locations Together Using Google Maps Marker Clustering

Using Elementor Google Maps Marker Clustering is an efficient way to organize large clusters of related data points into a single point. This technique is helpful in displaying multiple locations on a single map, while ensuring that all the details remain visible and easy to understand.

The Eiffel Tower

Champ de Mars in Paris, France.

Place Jacques Rueff

Paris, France

Quai Branly Museum

Museum in Paris, France

Arc De Triomphe

Paris Landmark

Mokus l'Écureuil

Italian Restaurant

Carmine Café

Bakery & Coffee Store

UNESCO Organization

World Heritage Center

Wall Of Peace

​Mur Pour La Paix

Le Suffren

Brasserie Le Suffren

Clustering Control

Once you zoom into any of the cluster locations, you will see the individual markers on the map.

Cluster Number

The number displayed on a cluster indicates how many markers it actually contains.

Customize Clusters

Feel free to keep using the default clusters icon or you can upload and use a Gif or static images.
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