Munich High End 2015

On the third weekend of May Munich again became the world's capital of hi end audio equipment.
Thanks to our Swiss distributor, Kraske Electronics, Audiomica Laboratory became a part of the Show.
All music lovers, who visited Kraske Electronics room, could experience an exceptional musical spectacle.
Audiomica Laboratory's cables wired up the following system:

Speakers: Credo EV 1202 Ref. (external crossover)
Speakers: Credo CS 125 Ref. (external crossover)
Preamplifier: Credo The Pre
Amplifier: Credo The Amp
Music Server: Aurender X100L
DAC: Meitner MA-1
Turntable: Townshend Rock 7

Once again, we would like to thank Kraske Electronics for enabling Audiomica Laboratory to be the part of Munich Hi End 2015. It was a great time with the Kraske and Townshend teams.


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