Mica Clear

Mica Clear is a two-step cleaner developed and tested by Audiomica Laboratory.
The liquid consists of two formulations described as Mica Clear One and Mica Clear Two.
The application of this system is aimed to improve the condition of plugs and ensure a perfect contact with a receptacle. Dissolving and removing of various dirt make better contact and increase a current flow area.
After the application of Mica Clear the dynamics of the system is increased and unnatural sharpness and roughness of the sound disappear.
A spray bottle, designed for your convenience, facilitates the application of the cleaning liquid. The injection of the liquid makes it easy to reach the plugs with a complex structure such as XLR, DIN or notched banana plugs.
It is enough to spray the surface with the liquid ONE, allow to dry, then repeat the procedure with the liquid TWO, allow to dry. It is all set. It is recommended to wipe the sufrace with a brush when cleaning greater dirt, e.g. gramophone needles.
The liquids are not conductive substances and their use is completely safe. Most importantly, their application does not cause short-circuiting, so called ‘bridging’ in improper areas, e.g. an accidental splash.

The cleaning system may be applied in:
1). Potentiometers
2). Plugs, receptacles
3). Gramophones needles

Mica Clear One – dissolves sulphides and oxides. The cleaner protects against corrosion. It does not cause resistance increase or unwanted voltage decrease effects.
Mica Clear Two – removes grease, dirt, oils, silicones. Any dirt, oxides and sulphides are dissolved first by Mica Clear One.


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