AudioShow 2013 Warsaw

Audiomica Laboratory Pokój 310, Hotel Jan III Sobieski

During this year's Warsaw Audio Show, held 9-10th November, many Audiomica's products had their premiere. Long-awaited Power Station, a power strip, saw the light of the day. Visitors' attention of Power Station overgrew our expectations. If it had not been for our reviewers' reservation all power strips would have been sold out.
The next new was Mica Clear, a two-step cleaner which enhances plugs contact, specially designed for audio purposes. After a short show of Mica Clear the difference in wording was immediately audible. The presentation of refined filters: TFCT version and doubled TFCT Double also took place. Further presentations were performed along with the cables attached to Power Station.
Finally, two new cables for AES/EBU and DMX installations were presented.
Demonstration system:
Amplifier: Yba Design YA 201
CD Player: Yba Design YC 201
Loudspeakers: Lawrence Audio Violin

Speaker cables: Audiomica Laboratory: Miamen Consequence Single-Wire
Interconnect: Audiomica Laboratory: Pearl Consequence RCA
Power cables: Audiomica Laboratory: Allbit Consequence Silver Plug
Power strip: Audiomica Laboratory: Power Station

Supports vibration: Franc Audio Accessories: Ceramic Disc Classic
Anti-vibration table: Franc Audio Accessories: Alu Rack
Stands for loudspeakers: Franc Audio Accessories: Ceramic Disc Slim Foot
Vibration platform: Franc Audio Accessories: Composite One Slim
Thank You for numerous coming and a really nice atmosphere.


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