AV&Home Cinema Show in EXPO Krakow 2016

Fair Trade “Intelligent Home” in Krakow means two premieres for Audiomica Laboratory:

- Cooperation with a new brand  Acoustic Points results in appearing  further products made of a patented material POM – C AP50. The new couplers will replace the current DFSS filter casings. Their fundamental purpose is to gather  the electrostatic charges from the outer part of the wire.  No surface charges means  no electrostatic discharges which might cause damage to the electronic appliances. Due to the significant costs of introducing the new technology ,“Smart spitters” will only be available as a premium option for the time being.

- New Tonearm  Cable- Quartz Reference – a new version with DIN 5 plug, smart splitters and DFSS filter. General  characteristics and the composition of the wire remain unchanged, just as it is in RCA plug version. The reviews of the new version are coming soon.

Particularly warm thanks are due to our partners: Zeta Zero and Intrada for organizing an amazing show “Format War”, nice atmosphere and invitation.


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